Best Recommended Calculator For CA Students (Dual Memory)

By | February 7, 2016

Today, I will be recommending to you or simply sharing with you guys and gals the perfect calculator for each and every CA student out there. Most of you all are probably not using this calculator, in which case, I strongly advise you to continue reading. Do know that this post only represents my opinion and you may agree to disagree.

Before I proceed, let me tell you that by merely writing this post, I have proven my selflessness to the world! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: How, you ask?! Well, by making you aware of such an awesome calculator, I am improving your chances of clearing the Chartered Accountancy exams, and since I myself am a CA student currently (IPCC), indirectly, I have slightly reduced my chances of passing! That is because only a certain percentage of the total number of students appearing for the exams will pass. But still, I have shared this post with you! 8-) 8-) 8-)


Citizen CT-600J:

Best Recommended Calculator For CA Students: CT-600J

Below I have provided some quick information about this calculator.


COLOR: Black

LENGTH: 18.8 cm

BREADTH: 14.6 cm

HEIGHT: 3.4 cm

WEIGHT: 210 g


  • 1-Line Display
  • 12-Digit Display
  • Battery and Solar Powered
  • Fixed Angled Display
  • Check and Correct
  • Square Root Function
  • Auto Sleep Mode


Wrapping Up:

As you can see, this calculator is pretty huge! Also, it has dual memory feature (which is the most significant feature of this calculator and the only major reason I am recommending this calc to you). This comes in handy while calculating huge sums and problems during examination. And the built is of premium quality, so you will feel great using it. After switching to this calculator, my accuracy improved a lot along with my speed.

For those who are not aware, memory feature of a calculator is used to store numbers temporarily in the memory of the calculator so that we can proceed with other calculations without foregoing the number obtained previously. In normal calculators, there is only one memory slot. But in this calculator, there are two slots! This is a huge plus for students (be it CPT, IPCC or Final). Click here to read about how to use the memory feature.

In India, you can either buy this calculator from a local shop (if it is available there), or you can simply buy it from a online store like I did. The price is around 600 Rs. to 800 Rs. Click on the links given below to search for this calculator on the top online stores.


HONORABLE MENTION: “Casio MJ 120Da” also deserves a spot on this post (suggested by one of the visitors on my blog, Kartik Mahajan). It has basically all the functions (MU, Tax+, Tax-) except for dual memory. Although it is not very large in size as the CT-600J, it serves its purpose. I really recommend everyone to purchase this calculator as well and carry both the calculators to the exams (as it is, most of us already carry at least 2 calculators to our exams). This way, you will have everything (a large calculator, a small calculator, dual memory, tax functions, mark-up function, etc.).

I hope you found this post useful in some or the other way. Share it with your friends if you are selfless like me! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Also, don’t forget to comment below if you recommend any other calculator over this one or have any questions.

Thank you.


<a href="">Best Recommended Calculator For CA Students (Dual Memory)</a>

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27 thoughts on “Best Recommended Calculator For CA Students (Dual Memory)

  1. Vinay

    Hello author
    I am vinay pursuing final level of CA.
    I saw the image of calculator recommended by you where there is no button for Grand total. So for Sfm paper i need to press repeatedly the memory button to record the all pvf.
    Is there any solution for that??

  2. Kishan

    Hey can I use Casio mj 120d and DJ 120d in CPT exam. And which is best for a CA student.

  3. Yash Hemani

    By the way I came to know that having a TAX +. TAX – functioning keys are not allowed in IPCC examinations. Is it true..?

  4. Aditya Mali

    I’m having Casio DJ-220D Plus model of calculator. Will it be allowed in CPT June 2017 exam? Please help!! I’m in a lot of confusion.. Here’s the link for the image:

    1. Adarsh Mehta Post author

      Sorry for the late reply. I think technically they do have a right to not allow you to use that calculator, but practically, almost every other student uses similar a calculator. So it is okay, brother Aditya. ButI would recommend taking another calculator (perhaps the one recommended by me in this post), just to have one backup in the worst case scenario.

      All the Best of Luck for your exams! :)

      Thank you.

  5. Prachi

    Hi! I am using MJ-120Da calculator but I am unable to calculate 1/(1+r)^n where r is rate of interest and n is number of periods. I have to manually divide 1/(1+r) by r for n times. In my previous calculator I would easily press”=” n times but with this model its displaying the result for 1/(1+r) and not 1/(1+r)^n. Please help.

    1. Adarsh Mehta Post author

      Hello, Prachi.

      I think there is a simple solution to calculate it on any calculator.

      Simply calculate 1+r first.

      Then, press ‘x‘ once. Then, press ‘=‘ n times.

      Then, just press “÷” (divide button) once, and then press “=” button once. DONE!

      Hope this helped. :)

      Thank you.

      1. puneet

        now a days casio has launch its new calc series which also include MJ-120da.
        in these calculator to calculate present value u have to use constant feature(k)
        for example if u want to calculate pv for 4 year @10% then u have to write 1.1o and press devide button two times now upper side of display showing k then press = for 1st year pv and and again = for 2nd year pv and so on…

        but i dont like these feature of casio due to these reason i recommend you to buy other companies calc it will save ur calculation time in exam hall.


  6. Shruthi

    Can I use this calsi on cpt exam
    And tax+ tax- this button is important on tax related subject right that time wt can we do for that

    1. Adarsh Mehta Post author

      Hello, Shruthi.

      You can use only a calculator which has 6 functions maximum (and upto two memories seperately).

      So, a calculator which has extra functions other than the basic plus, minus, multiply, divide, percent and square root (memory is not counted in these six functions) might be not allowed if the supervisor is strict and notices your calculator.

      Generally, that does not happen, but in the last attempt, that did happen with my sister. So, I would recommend take two calculators, one which I have recommended, and one which has all the functions. Ask the supervisor if he/she allows you to use both the types of calculator, so that you do not face any trouble during the exam.

      Thank you.

  7. Disha

    Is tax function allowed for CA final exams? As Casio MJ 120 Da has tax function in it.

    1. Adarsh Mehta Post author

      Hello, Disha.

      Well, strictly speaking (theoretically), most of the calculators won’t be allowed in the examination hall by the ICAI. This is because they say that the calculator should have six functions or less (excluding memories). Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentage and square root alone constitute six functions! 8O

      But practically, all 12 digit calculators (which are not scientific calculators) are allowed. What I mean by this is that the exam invigilator will not dismiss you from the examination hall just because you brought a calculator having 1 extra function. Thousands of students take these types of calculators to their exams. I haven’t heard of anyone thrown out just because he/she had a calculator having eight functions. :lol:

      In the worst case (which ain’t gonna happen, so don’t worry), they will just tell you to stop using that calculator. And in my article, I have already suggested the students carry two different calculators to their exams, so it is not a big deal.

      If you want to be super safe, before the exam starts, just ask the invigilator whether your calculator is permitted or not. :D

      I hope I have cleared your doubts.

      Thank you.

    1. Adarsh Mehta Post author

      Yes, Harshita. It is in compliance with the instructions given to examinees by the ICAI.

      These are the instructions relating to the use of calculator:

      Students are allowed to use battery operated portable calculators in all the subjects. The calculators can be of any type with up to 6 functions, 12 digits and up to two memories. (Attempt to use any other type of calculators not complying with the specifications indicated above or having more features than mentioned above shall tantamount to use of “unfair means”.)

      i) Printing models of calculators are not allowed.
      ii) Exchange of calculators between the students is not permitted.
      iii) The calculators should be noiseless and cordless.
      iv) The Superintendent of the examination has complete authority to disallow the use of a particular calculator not complying with the conditions stated above. (It may be noted that each step/working of any problem should invariably be indicated by the candidate in the answer book, irrespective of use of calculator. Candidates are advised to follow this instruction in their own interest.)
      v) Scientific calculators are not allowed.
      vi) Candidates are advised not to bring the pager, cellular phone, digital diary or other electronic gadgets / device in any form inside the examination hall except the calculator as defined above. Violation of these instructions shall tantamount to adoption of unfair means and the candidates will be liable to a punishment which may include debarring from appearing in the examination.

      I would also like to add that I have used this calculator without any problems in all my IPCC exams this May.

      Thank you.

    2. Arjav jain

      Is the calculator allowed having functions of -TAX and +TAX ?

      1. Adarsh Mehta Post author

        Theoretically, No. Practically, Yes.

        Still, always take one additional simple calculator with you to the exam, which does not contain additional functions other than the basic default 6 functions.

        Thank you.

          1. Adarsh Mehta Post author

            Yes, brother Suhail. You can. :)

            You can use a 10 digits calculator. You can use up to 12 digits calculator. But it must not have more than six functions and also must not have more than two memories.

            Wishing you the very best of luck for your forthcoming exams! ;)

            Thank you.

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