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By | January 18, 2016

Hello, friends! If you are reading this article, there is a high probability that you are one of those people who prefers using stuff for free rather than paying for it, even if doing so is not legal. In this blog post, I will be discussing about a semi-popular illegal website where one can watch most of the latest movies as well as television series for free! Yeah, that’s right fellas! This website provides pirated content to people and allows them to watch everything without paying a single buck practically forever and ever! 8-O 8-O 8-O I urge you all to watch out for this website and not to visit and use it in any case. It is 100% illegal to do so. So unless you want to go to jail, stay away from this website. I don’t know about you, but I would love not to go to jail. :D :D :D

Website: WWW.CYRO.SE Website Homepage

Website: WWW.CYRO.SE

This illegal  website provides users the option to watch/stream full version pirated movies and pirated full-length TV shows online (with subtitles) as well as to download them (with subtitles) 8-O 8-O 8-O , or so I have heard. Of course, each and every one of the videos present on this “many named site” (that’s what it likes to be called – because it’s name keeps on changing due to copyright issues; one can find this website just by googling its name – “The Many-Named Site”!) is illegal because they do not have any rights to distribute these videos among the public. I have heard from some anonymous users on The Internet (the ones who sent me the above-shown screenshot) that this website is a blessing (or perhaps the biggest blessing till date) for all the people on The Internet who like to watch movies and TV shows online without paying a dime, because it provides high quality and high definition (up to 1080p) streaming and download links for 100% free.

Again, I condemn the use of this website and urge you all to do the same. Purchase genuine copies of the movies and television shows you want to watch (they are not that costly) and help the industry to progress and earn the money they deserve. :) :) :)

I strictly recommend you share this post with your friends and tell them to watch out for this website. It is very luring. Comment below if you have any thoughts regarding this topic or want to share other illegal websites with us to help us beware of them.

Thank you.


<a href="">Website Where You Can Watch Movies & TV Shows For Free</a>

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4 thoughts on “Website Where You Can Watch Movies & TV Shows For Free

  1. Soumyaa

    Hi Sir…
    I like to read novels… But you see I can’t all those novels…
    Do you know any website where one can read books online?

    1. Adarsh Mehta Post author

      Hello, Soumyaa.

      Reading books online without purchasing them (copyrighted ones) is illegal. Many people upload these books to the internet without any authority or permission from the author. Just because it is available online somewhere does not mean you have any right to use it.

      However, in theory, one can find free E-Books online using the following methods (illegal):

      1. Onion Websites
          >> Open Tor Web Browser.
          >> Visit any other similar onion websites.
          >> Find a book that you want to read and download it.
      2. Torrents
          >> Visit any torrent search website (most of them are not working either because they are down or because they are blocked, so better try to access them using Tor Web Browser).
          >> Search for the book you want to read and download it.
      3. Google
          >> Visit Google and search for “name_of_book_you_want free pdf download”.
          >> Check out some of the results.
          >> If you are able to find something, download it and read it.

      I would urge you not to try out the above-mentioned methods and stick to purchasing the books you want to read. I have mentioned them just so that you can know what are the different ways a person may get access to books without purchasing them.

      Thank you.


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