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By | December 5, 2015

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I have tried a lot of web hosting service providers, ranging from completely free ones to costly paid ones, and I’ve got to tell you, I truly believe that for most of the people, ZolaHost.Com will be the perfect web hosting service provider! In fact, I might even dare to say that it is the best website hosting service provider out there! :P :P :PFeatures of ZolaHost

Note: You might want to check out GoogieHost and 2FreeHosting if you are interested in using the BEST FREE WEBSITE HOSTING SERVICE PROVIDERS OUT THERE IMO. They have almost all the features of ZolaHost, but you might face a lot of problems since they are free – like your website being down a lot of times, FTP not working most of the times, your website loading slow some times, you have to follow their strict rules and regulations or your account will get deleted, your website is not very secure on their server, and so on. Basically, if you do not want to spend a dime out of your pocket, you will find that they are the best friends you can ever get.

Before you continue reading the rest of this post, I want you to know that I am not sponsored by ZolaHost to write this article. So, all my points will be truly unbiased and honest. I will try to make this article/review about ZolaHost as short and informative as possible so that you do not get bored. :) :) :)


Features Of ZolaHost Website Hosting Service Provider:

Firstly, without wasting any time, I would like to state the features that Zola Host provides:

> Unlimited Storage Space
> Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth
> Unlimited MySQL Databases
> Unlimited Email Accounts
> Unlimited FTP Accounts
> Unlimited Sub-domains (do know that their unlimited actually means unlimited – without any limitations)
> 99.99% Up-Time Guarantee (promised by almost every web hosting service provider, but ZolaHost really means it)
> 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
> cPanel Control Panel

All the above mentioned features just
for Rs. 999/year for hosting 1 website;
for Rs. 1999/year for hosting 5 websites;
and for Rs. 2999/year for hosting an unlimited number of websites!
:shock: :shock: :shock:
(999 Rs. is just around 15 US $ as of today, so it is just 15$ per year for unlimited hosting!)

Now, having read the above mentioned traits of ZolaHost.Com, one might think that since they are providing so many services for such a low pricing, their server’s speed might be slow, but let me tell you that this is completely untrue. In fact, I was shocked to find ZolaHost being the fastest (if not one of the fastest) website hosting service provider I have ever tried. :) :) :)


Cons And Pros Of ZolaHost:

Secondly, lets discuss the CONS as well as the PROS of choosing ZolaHost.Com as your website hosting service provider.


> I have noticed that sometimes website itself stops working, or becomes very slow, or does not load from specific browsers, or some other thing. But even then, your website is not at all affected as it still loads perfectly fine with the same speed as it used to earlier. FTP will also keep on working every time. I just wanted you to know this, in case you want extremely super high-quality website hosting service.

> Not popular. Zola Host is not very famous (I really don’t know why; I want it to become popular actually) on the internet like other top website hosting service providers like BlueHost, HostGator, and so on. But it is surely better than them not only cost-wise but also features-wise, if not the same. In fact, I am writing this article because I liked ZolaHost so much that I want everyone to know about this. Read the PROS section to know why I think it should be made famous.

> It is not a huge website hosting service provider. ZolaHost is managed by a Indian guy from Tamil Nadu whose name is Sathya Moorthi. Because of this reason, there is always a small risk of it shutting down due to losses or some other reason. That is also one of the reasons I am writing this article, to spread awareness about such an awesome website hosting service provider so that both the people as well as the ZolaHost team can be benefited and ZolaHost does not shut down, ever!


> The customer support (or the customer care service) provided by ZolaHost is completely mind-blowing. I mean, I agree that many other website hosting service providers also provide very good customer support service (for example, but ZolaHost is no less than them. Just open a new ticket for any problem you face, and they will reply within a couple of hours, if not minutes. And the main thing is, they will solve your problem and not leave your hanging and frustrated (unlike the shitty :evil: :evil: :evil: – don’t ever purchase anything from there).

> The cPanel is truly awesome. Nowadays, most of the website hosting service providers do provide the cPanel, so you may not consider this as a PRO, but as such low prices, I do consider it as a PRO. You get everything in the cPanel you will ever need. Here is a photo of the cPanel just in case you are interested in its variety of features.

cPanel of ZolaHost

> Persistence. Yeah, this is the most important PRO, because ZolaHost is truly persistent. It constantly provides you that awesome features it has promised you, without failing a single time. I hope you understand what I am trying to say.

> Economical. ZolaHost is one of the only website hosting service providers who provide such amazing features at such low prices. And most of them are lagging in one or the other aspect. But ZolaHost does not. That is what makes it on the top of my recommendations.

> ZolaHost also provide Re-seller Hosting  and Website Designing just in case you are interested in that.

> ZolaHost provides domain registrations, transfers and renewals for very reasonable prices. So if your domain is currently registered under someone else, you might want to consider switching to ZolaHost for that as well. This is just a bonus you see.

> Everything else. Really, beside from the three CONS that I mentioned above, everything else that you can think of is very good about ZolaHost. Not kidding here!


Do know that the PROS of ZOLAHOST extremely surpass the CONS, so there is no need to worry about the CONS unless you are a company looking forward to purchase super-high quality hosting plans, or even an individual who is ready to spend hundreds of dollars out of his/her pocket but wants no CONS at all.


Final Thoughts On ZolaHost:

Finally, if you still like some other website hosting service provider, then feel free to buy from them. But if you now do believe that ZolaHost is the way to go, then please purchase your website hosting plan from them. I truly believe you will be 100% satisfied. And if later on for some reason you aren’t, what is stopping you to use that 30 Day Money Back Guarantee you’ve been given, huh? :D :D :D


Comment on this blog post if you believe that some other web hosting service provider deserves to be called the best. Also, share this post with your friends who own a website or a blog, just in case they might be looking for a better alternative to their current web hosting service provider!

Thank you.


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