10 Funny Hindi Abusive Sentences (Gaaliyan) Boys Can Use (18+)

Angry Guy Speaking Abusive Words (Gaaliyan) In Hindi

Almost all of us guys (and some girls) like to use bad abusive words (gaaliyaan) while chatting with our friends in the Hindi language (in India or other similar countries). We do not use these words to disrespect our friends, but just for fun. Well, most of you probably already know the top famous bad words in Hindi (like ‘chutiye’, ‘behenchod’, ‘lauda’‘madarchod’, ‘gaandu’, ‘bhosadikey’, etc.)

These bad words are used in almost every conversation (especially while chatting on WhatsApp). They have become too mainstream. We may or may not hear or read religious prayers or God’s names throughout the day, but we most definitely will hear/read these ‘gaalis’.

So in this article, I am providing you all with ten unique funny Hindi ‘gaaliyan’ which you can use to spread happiness. :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • Phatele Nirodh Ke Natije! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  • Chut Ka Maindak…
  • Abla Naari, Tere Bable Bhaari… :D :D :D
  • Chut Ke Pasine Mein Talay Hue Bhajiye…
  • Chullu Bhar Muth Mein Doob Mar! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  • Kaali Chut Ke Safed Jhaant…
  • Gote Kitne Bhi Badey Ho, Lund Ke Niche Hi Rehtein Hain… 8-) 8-) 8-)
  • Naa Chut, Naa Choche, Aur Nakhre Noor Jahan Ke!
  • Teri Gaand Mein Kutte Ka Lund… 8-O 8-O 8-O
  • Teri Jhaatein Kaat Kar Tere Mooh Par Laga Kar Unki French Beard Bana Doonga! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


Wrapping Up

I hope you found these abusive words unique and entertaining. I urge you all not to use any of the abusive words (gaaliyan) with hatred or enmity. Use them just to have a fun time and spread happiness around you. Also, you should not be using these abusive words if you are not 18 years of age or older. It is a taboo. :D :D :D

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By the way, I forgot to congratulate you on finding this hidden page on my blog. Comment below if you know any other funny abusive Hindi sentences/words. Any abusive comments will most definitely be accepted (but just on this page, not the other posts on my blog, hahaha). Also, you may share this article with your best friends if you liked it. And please, do not try to spam the comments section or else your comment simply will not be accepted.

Thank you.

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49 thoughts on “10 Funny Hindi Abusive Sentences (Gaaliyan) Boys Can Use (18+)

  1. Khushi

    Abe itni hi jyada garmi h lund me to meri chut ko shant kr ke dikha bde aaye pelne wale

  2. Ruhi

    Chl hatt benchod meri chut me lund to daal teri saari garmi meri choti si chut me hi jhad jati h sale ab pata chla ki kon jyad a garm h

    1. Bharatkumar

      Are miss ruhi,ye sach jaanlo..barf ko yaa bur..jyaadaa garmi ho to pighalne lagte he..bund bund paani paani,..ooh ouch aah aah..aaah..ummm..aah..aaaai…schch..shshsh.,aaauchch… Yes..yes…faaster..deppestt..aaah..aaaah…aaaaaaah…mayaa aagayaaa…haaa…haaa…haaaa

  3. Alisha raj

    Jyada gyan ho gya hai…to apne pas rkho…madarchod……..sikhna ahai to kuch acha sikhao….wrna mat sikhao….bencho…aur ye 18+bol kr kya sabit krna chahte ho..jaose kitta sanskar hai tumme..bacho ko dur rkh rhey ho sabse…to betaji…bache v tumhare baaap hi hai……

    1. Tumhari gand me lund

      Ae rand ki bacchi ae chodiki rand teri chut me kutte ka aur hathi ka lund une uska gyan batra toh tere khadde me kyu mirchi gusri chinaal saali

    2. Pranav

      Alisha, tu randi jab mohalle ke awaara kutton ka lunnd choosti hai aur apni choot, gaand aur munh teeno ek saath chudwaati hai tb tere sanskaar kya teri chucchi mein ghus jaate hain saali

    3. Shalini

      What the hell…. Google Chrome these apps to enhance our skills in good terms….. Not to do these things and not to give information like these on social media….

      If any1 do like this… We people have to take a big step..

  4. Sree

    Please put the meanings also.. I don’t know much Hindi.. but have friends who knows..

  5. Sree

    Can you put meanings also please..?
    I don’t know much Hindi.. but have lots of friends who speak..

  6. Shadow

    Good lines ..but try to make gaali in one word or short bhai

  7. unknown

    Boys ke naam pe kalank ho…. apni hi bezati karwa rahe ho…..
    Aacha socho who is that unknown person Jo aisa bol raha hai…..

    1. Papa



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